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We are in the business of keeping our clients in business. We help start up, grow and protect organisations. We understand the dynamics of running a business, not just the legalities, and are proud to work with clients across all industry sectors and all sizes, from sole traders to multinationals.

We use regular social media activity to provide businesses with a steady flow of free helpful information for protecting and developing business.

Our services are aligned with industry and economic developments. We continue to adapt our products and services accordingly, to enable us to continue to help our clients grow in line with emerging opportunities and challenges.

In addition to our business services, we have developed some fields of true specialism which provide costs effective business solutions in growing areas including:

  • Dual qualified Scots & English solicitors for cross border business exchanges and UK wide employers
  • International Arbitration for those trading internationally
  • Employment law matters, including social media and tribunals
  • Property or leasing issues
  • Any pressing commercial matters

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