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Consumer Indicative Price Information (This applies from 31 January 2021 to Individuals acting outside trade, business , craft or profession)

Depending on the nature and complexity of your legal matter, the legal work undertaken by us may be completed by one or several members of our legal team. We have set out below the standard hourly charging rates for each of our fee earners.

The standard hourly charge stated shows the amount both excluding and including VAT which is charged at 20%.

Fee earner Hourly charging rate (excluding VAT) Hourly Charging Rate (including VAT)
Solicitor- Director £260 £312
Solicitor- Associate Director £230 £276
Solicitor-Assistant £205 £246
Paralegal £145 £174
Legal Assistant £115 £138


The number of hours spent on your case will be determined by the complexity and the unique circumstances of your case. We will discuss the likely cost of your case with you at our initial instruction based on the information that we have, including information on timescales for the work. If additional costs arise due to unforeseen circumstances or extended timescales, we will discuss this with you at the earliest opportunity and we will advise you of any likely increase in cost that may arise.

The hourly rate does not include any outlays that may be required. These are variable depending on the nature of the case. We will discuss what these may be at our initial instruction. We will ask you to let us have payment in advance of all required outlays.

Unless agreed otherwise with you, interim fees will be rendered on a monthly basis. That means that you can manage payment for the work over the time that it takes and you have a clear understanding of cost as the work progresses.

Our payment terms are 14 days from sending out the invoice to you.