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What can the Queensferry Crossing bring your business?

Kelly Craig joined our corporate team in April this year and has been taking an active interest in local business since. In this latest blog she recounts a recent experience.

I recently attended a Fife Chamber of Commerce event at the FRC Contact and Education Centre to update members on the progress of the Forth Replacement Crossing, or to give it it’s catchier title, the Queensferry Crossing.

A great amount of ingenuity has been applied to make improvements in the traffic management system, landscaping surrounding the road redevelopments and the engineering of the bridge itself (including wind resistance measures). The combined effort of this smart thinking is projected to bring the bridge in on time for the end of 2016 and substantially under the initial budget.

The extent of my engineering knowledge would probably not stretch to the back of a postage stamp. Nonetheless, even those in the room with far superior skills in that department were impressed by the complex engineering works being deployed in the construction of the bridge platforms which will eventually form the roads.

Notwithstanding the direct benefits that Fife and the Lothians will see as a result of these works; improved transport links, reduced commuting times and greater connectivity with the surrounding areas, there are surely far greater benefits in store.

In the same way as Dundee is going to reap the benefits of a new train station, waterfront and regenerated local architecture thanks to the V & A, it is also seeing the incoming investment from businesses that now want to be associated with Dundee – a City of Culture nominee.

Young & Partners are seeing greater levels of purchasers looking to acquire businesses in Fife and think that the new bridge is also bound to bring a stream of new business. Entrepreneurs that see gaps in the market where the new transport system can take them. Better and more reliable movement of stock will make headquartering on this side of the bridge more attractive; as closures due to high winds should become a historic problem.

I was delighted to see the progress that is being made with the build, but being based in Dunfermline, will be more so to see the difference this will make to the local economy. If you think that your business could benefit and would like some advice on this please contact myself or Alan Stalker.

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