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Tune into Julie Sullivan speaking on Radio WORKS World on Tue 5 Sep

I am delighted to have been asked by Wendy Sneddon of The Lodestone Lounge to join her talk show on Tuesday 5 September at 11.45am to discuss HR issues which arise for businesses.

The Lodestone Lounge provides an online HR and recruitment resource. It was created by Wendy herself an entrepreneur, for all those business entrepreneurs out there.

Tuesday’s discussion will focus on the recent decision by the Supreme Court to abolish Tribunal fees as there is expected to be a rise in the number of Employment Tribunal claims being raised by employees.

With the abolition of fees, employers can no longer use the “let’s just wait and see if the employee can afford a claim” tactic before they properly look at how they are dealing with their employees whether that be dealing with a disciplinary matter or workplace bullying.

The decision means that employers have to go back and consider firstly if they have policies which protect them and secondly if they know how to apply them.

Employers should be thinking about the processes and procedures that they have in place before any issue with an employee gets to the Employment Tribunal stage.  Employers should be taking pre-emptive steps to minimise their exposure to an unsuccessful defence by making sure that their practices and policies are robust enough to defend such claims.

In this discussion, we will be focussing on what employers need to be aware of and answering any questions that you may have in relation to your own policies and procedures.

Why not tune in on Tuesday 5 September at 11.45am



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