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Social media leads to print for Gordon Millar #Onward

We were delighted to receive our custom edition of Onward Scotland Street Style this week. #Onward! Volume 1 is the first Scot Street Style Annual published with Edinburgh boutique publishing house Tiger Forest. It showcases stylish Scots and promotes design and innovation for the 21st century.

In all likelihood you will have seen images from the project even if you haven’t previously realised the movement behind them.

The man behind the images and community which gather them is Gordon Millar. The whole project started humbly for him when he was asked to work on the social media campaign for the Dalai Lama’s visit to Edinburgh in 2013. A close friend, Victor Spence had designed the World Peace Tartan which was presented to Dalai Lama on his visit. This set Gordon off on a journey. Shortly afterward both men found themselves in New York for the city’s famous Scotland Week -they were there to introduce the tartan to the masses.

It was here Gordon caught the bug. He and his girlfriend appeared in the New York Times having been photographed by street style photographer Bill Cunningham. Friendly New Yorkers approached Gordon and tell him he looked great and he left the city with a desire to take that mentality back to Scotland – Scot Street Style was conceived.

For him Scot Street Style is about connecting a wealth of Scottish talent and building a community – all things we encourage at Young and Partners. Angus McGuire has been inspired by Gordon’s story from the start and we hugely support his work. Gordon Millar of Scot Street style commented “Thank you to Joanna, who took the fear out of business”. In relation to making his decision to incorporate.

What started out as images of stylish Scots with a fast growing Instagram following has developed. Scot Street Style now holds events and bring together creative minds physically as well as through social media. Beginning in Edinburgh and soon spreading West to Glasgow as well as a return to New York these events are known as The Gatherings. With more events planned both in the UK and America he’s putting Scottish style firmly on the global map.

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