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NEW:  The Business Surgery!

We’re going to run the first of our online “The Business Surgery” on Wednesday 25 March at 13.00.  We plan to run this weekly or fortnightly, certainly for as long as the beastly coronavirus stops us from easily being able to meet each other.  It will last for 30-40 minutes and give us all the opportunity to learn something that might be useful and share knowledge about all of our businesses.

We will take a different subject for each Surgery and we will try to set this up so that, although the discussions will be led by someone from Young & Partners, everyone should have the chance to join in, ask questions and generally contribute.

The topic for the first meeting is twofold: what can we do now to minimise the effect of coronavirus on our own businesses? and, how we can encourage people who owe us money to actually pay it into our bank account?

If you would like to participate just email one of our team (or email and we will send you an invitation. All you then have to do is click on the link and you can join in, just like that. If you’re technically savvy, we will be using Zoom ( but, for those who aren’t so savvy, all you have to do is have your email and a connection to the internet and you’re done.

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