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Hydro -The new revolution in the glens.

Scotland has a long history of generating power from water but when people think of Hydro Electricity they tend to think of the large scale schemes built in the 1950’s and 60’s for which Scotland is renowned. While these schemes still form a vital part of the country’s energy mix, that is not the whole story.

Small-scale hydro schemes, built in small rivers and generating up to 2MW of electricity,   are a tried and tested form of electricity generation that (once in place) have little environmental and visual impact. With advances in technology and renewable energy high on the agenda, new generating opportunities are being opened up.

One company working hard to unlock this potential is Green Highland Renewables.  Based in Perth and founded in 2007, they have brought together an impressive team of experts and specialists and, as well as working on their own hydro schemes, they can assist landowners wishing to benefit from being able to independently meet their own power needs.  We have been delighted to work with GHR and to watch the business grow significantly over the past years.  They have just commenced work on their tenth hydro scheme, an ambitious project involving a triple hydro scheme near Achnacarry in the Scottish Highlands.  Using a holistic and innovative approach, involving linking the three sites by a 9.5km private grid network, GHR have found a way to make this challenging location viable.  The three mutually supporting schemes are located on the north shore of Loch Arkaig, about 15 miles north of Fort William, and together will total 2.5MW of generating capacity – enough to power nearly 2000 homes.  For more details visit their site at

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